Oh Army of the Imam, be Prepared

November 5th, 2016

O’ Army of the Imam of our Time (Imam Mahdi), be Prepared
O’ army of the Imam of our time, be prepared (2)
For a merciless battle, be prepared, be prepared
Warriors ready to give your lives; the day of courage has arrived (2)
O’ army of Khomeini; the time for braveness has arrived
O’ force of Islam, having progressed until infinity…
To face the enemies, be prepared, be prepared!
From the desire of meeting Hussein, all hearts are filled with thrill (2)
From the admirers of Karbala, this field has been filled
From the hearts of these warriors, a new passion has emerged
Like a firm mountain, powerful and vigorous, be prepared
For glory, tie that tie of courage on my head (2)
For the meeting with the Glorious, aromatize my body
Wear your backpack of war o’ fellow warrior
Demonstrate that it is the time to be tested, be prepared
Tighten those belts, pack those spearheads around your waist (2)
Tie those boot laces with the speed of lions
For the final farewell, kiss the cheeks of one another
Say to fellow warriors, be prepared, be prepared!
Hold o’ flag-bearers like mighty men, with the flags in your hands
Approach the battlefield with discipline and order

Move in, like the ferocious lion [Imam Ali]; be prepared, be prepared
Resolute, in the Qur’an’s trenches, firm as a mountain
With teeth grinding, heads entrusted to God…
All closely observing the enemy tribe
With the shout of Amir Al-Mu’mineen (Imam Ali): “be prepared, be prepared”
Be united with one another o’ companions and allies of Hossien
You are joined in the desire to meet Hossien (2)
O’  Ye who gaze at him, o’ admirers, be prepared, be prepared
O’ master of the thirsty, o’ intercessor in our tomorrow (afterlife)
What passion your love has casted, in these enchanted hearts of ours!
Your son today, is our commander and our master