Ahangaran, Iran & The Concept of Martyrdom

November 6th, 2016

This 1.5-hour documentary was made by the British Channel 4 about Iran and Shia in general, the martyrdom of Imam Hussein PBUH, and how the concept of martyrdom will shape the future of Iranian lives if the US were to start a war against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The documentary is about some Iranians traveling from Iran to Karbala in Iraq on pilgrimage. As they travel they remember the roads they traveled on when they first came to fight against Saddam after the revolution and how their brothers were martyred and had to be left behind. The documentary shows their desire to be martyrs when they get the chance.

We’ve chosen a summary of the documentary showing all the scenes featuring Sadiq Ahangaran (Imam Khomeini’s Nightingale), including an interview conducted with him.