Dad Gave Blood, Dad Gave Blood!

November 6th, 2016

“Dad gave water” is no longer our motto
Dad gave blood, dad gave blood!
In our books, we no longer read “dad, dad brings home the bread”
Dad cried, dad fought, dad gave blood!
Our lessons, our classroom; Struggle and Unity
It is time for effort, it is time for work
The young were killed so we can be free
Without any struggle; our home cannot prosper
The light of Islam has beamed, out came our homeland, from the darkness of the night
As in the spring, when flowers bloom in gardens, rather than thorns
The martyrs gave blood for our sake
Hoping for the sunrise of tomorrow
All United and “Allah is Great”
Have been freed from the tyrant’s conspiracy
The little fish has been freed from oppression
The days of the fisherman have ended in our land