War, Work, until Victory

October 6th, 2016


Amid all the repeated and common designs found nowadays, the “War, Work until Victory” poster collection featured a unique, pure and novel design. For those of us who are used to seeing conventional and simple posters and photos everywhere, this collection was full of creativity and novelty. The 10 posters of the “War, Work until Victory” collection were first exhibited in Tehran but after being posted on social networks, they soon attracted a lot of attention.

The first thing people perceived from the posters is that the whole poster was designed by professionals in every step of the way. This is quite common in commercial graphics, but is rare occurrence when working with professionals in graphic designs with cultural concepts.

Hussein Ahmadi Sakha (one of the models) shot all the photos wearing a worker’s uniform. He said that one day his father visited him and asked: “Hussein, where do you go during the day?”  He answered: “I go to our studio, why?” and so his father asked him if he had any financial problems or needed money. At first he couldn’t understand what his father was talking about but then he remembered the posters. His father had seen them and had wondered if his son was truly as he had seen in the poster on display.

It’s common for models to be paid, but the models who worked on this project, did it for nothing. They even had to take a few days off from their jobs to get the job done.