I will never forget Shahīd Shahriyārī’s concerns about offering his ritual devotions at the beginning of the times in which they became due. Others might only have seen Shahīd Shahriyārī making his ritual devotions, but I have seen the way he acted when the time for prayer arrived while we were hiking in the mountains. He would immediately find the direction of the qibla and stand to offer his devotions. At times I would feel ashamed when I saw the way in which he made his devotions to God. We had finished making all eight of the prayer cycles when it seemed that he had just started making his. He was highly devoted to God and took his acts of ritual worship seriously.

During the planning phase of the construction of a new facility in the university, Shahīd Shahriyārī was adamant that a room be dedicated as a prayer room. He did not consider it to be proper to plan for and design classrooms and labs and to add a prayer room in some corner as an afterthought. He insisted that a separate room be set aside for people to make their prayers.