A group of graduates from Amīr Kabīr University would meet every six months to a year. Professor Shahriyārī was an attendee. In one of these sessions he gave me the name and address of a person and asked me to see if I could look into his problem. He said that the man lived in a village by the name of Kūhpāye about a hundred kilometers from Esfahān. Two weeks later I reported back to him that the gentleman in question is a well-educated man who is suffering from psychological problems.

Professor Shahriyārī asked me to build two rooms for him. He took my bank account information and deposited some money into my account [for this purpose]. When we started the construction work, the person would not allow us to do any work, insisting on doing the work himself. Professor Shahriyārī told us not to listen to him and to continue with the work. One day we told the professor that we cannot proceed any further [because of the beneficiary’s interference], and the construction crew which had done most of the work came back. After Professor Shahriyārī’s martyrdom, I told the story to his wife. She told me that she and her husband had gone there in person and finished the construction project.