Majīd recited the Qoran as a matter of habit. And I am not being biased when I say that he had a beautiful voice. One of his friends recorded one of his recitals, and it is available in my daughter’s smartphone, where Majīd recites the Qoran in the style of Master Parhīzgār. He was also an devotee of Hāfez. When he recited Hāfez’s poetry, tears would roll down his cheeks. Occasionally he would want to make me a partner in these pleasures of his. He would come into the kitchen and say, “Listen to what Hāfez has said,” and he would start to recite a poem. And I would put the dishes aside and say, “Recite!” Sometimes I would ask him to repeat a verse. I wanted to show him that I took pleasure in the poems as well. I would listen to his recitals with rapt attention. And when he saw that I appreciated a passage, that would please him. I would always ask God [in wondrous gratitude], “What caused you to place Majīd in my path?”