Moving a laboratory from one facility to another is not an easy task. Lab equipment is both heavy and delicate. Many of the pieces are very expensive, and some of them could not be replaced from abroad due to the sanctions. We availed ourselves of the help of a few of the helping hands [from among the university facilities staff]. Professor Shahriyārī was also present in person and constantly cautioned everyone to be careful not to allow anything to break. All of a sudden, the foot of one of the helpers got stuck and a piece of equipment fell and broke. Professor Shahriyārī reprimanded him, and that unfortunate soul took it personally and distanced himself from the team. A few minutes later, Professor Shahriyārī went up to him and kissed his face. He told him, “Don’t be sore with me. All of this equipment is expensive and rare. We have to be careful [is all I meant].”