In the years 1377 to 1378 (1999 to 2000) when the matter of religious pluralism had currency as a subject of discussion, we followed Ayatollāh Javadī-e Āmolī’s thoughts on the subject. He talked about the progression of reaching unity from multiplicity in the world of possibilities. These discussions occupied our minds during the Era of Reforms. Once I was attending one of Professor Shahriyārī’s classes. He mentioned the attraction between two electrodes and the law of attraction between two bodies. He then placed the formulas for each, which were similar, next to each other and elegantly posed the question, “Do you see the unity [between the two]?” In the context of the times, what he did was charming. At the time, I made the connection between what Shahīd Shahriyārī was saying to the thoughts of Ayatollāh Javadī-e Āmolī. I later heard from Shahīd Shahriyārī’s wife that he was a student of Ayatollāh Javadī-e Āmolī’s philosophical and mystical thought.