Judgement Day is the day of accountability; accountability in every sense of the word; accountability without the possibility of undue exoneration; it is impossible for one to make false and flimsy excuses there. One is in the presence of God Almighty, being questioned by Him. Judgement Day is a day of accountability that leaves no one behind; we will all be questioned. Judgement Day is the day when tongues are silenced. One’s ability to make excuses, which used to be possible here, will be no longer possible there; “This is a day wherein they speak not. Nor are they suffered to put forth excuses.” (Surat al-Mursalat; verses 35—36). Tongues are then silenced; one’s essence, faculties, organs, and extremities will speak the truth. At that time, if our heart carries hate, envy, cynicism, grudge, or any of a number of ailments, if it is spiteful against the righteous, or if it holds a hidden desire or a passion for sins; this will all be palpable. Judgement Day is an unusual incident; “This day We seal up their mouths, and their hands speak out to Us and their feet bear witness as to what they used to earn” (Surat Ya-Sin; verse 65). Indeed verses talking of Judgement Day are very devastating.

If we, God forbid, follow our desires, opening the door for cronyism, political nepotism, and fail to keep true values in mind, our country would be afflicted. We are faced with a tough task. We should be more labored with the thought of hell and passing on the Sirat. These years of responsibility are not eternal. Whether you are a member of parliament, whether you work for the government, are a minister, or manager; these three-years, four-years, five-years, ten-years will pass. During these few years should you be patient and refrain from seeking money through illicit income, or bribery, taking advantage of the government’s resources, or misappropriate public money – which is not a difficult thing to do – then, “Those for whom the good (record) from Us has gone before, will be removed far therefrom [Hell].” (Surat al-Anbiya – Verse 101). ” This is your Day which ye were promised” (Surat al-Anbiya – verse 103); the angels of God come before the pious and the believers saying that this your day; the day on which the Prophets had promised believers glad tidings. We should be more careful and more fearful of Hell than others should. Hellfire poses a greater threat for those with greater responsibility, as opposed to ordinary people holding a much limited and smaller responsibility. Our situation is more difficult.

Note that, throughout history, governments bearing religious slogans or claiming religiousness or ruled by clergymen were not few in number, but were in fact many. In our youth, some areas were governed by Christian clergymen. In past centuries, the church ruled over most western countries and other areas. During the Islamic civilization, we’ve also seen some governors who claimed religiousness. These were not few in history. Today, there are also governments that use religious mottos. However, what is truly rare in the world – attracting the sites of enemies all around – are governments holding religious values, where religion is truly found, where they insist on the establishment of social justice. What we are saying is not a mere slogan, but our truth and our identity. If we do not seek social justice, our existence would be rendered absurd and useless, and our Islamic Republic would be senseless.