In the Name of God

The full text of the message (from Imam Khomeini), in which the anniversary of the massacre in Mecca is also discussed, is as follows:

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Indeed, Allah has shown the truth in His Apostle’s vision: most certainly you shall enter al-Masjid al-Haram, if God so wills, in full security. (1)

Although a year has passed since the heinous and ruthless massacre of the defenseless Hajis and faithful pilgrims by America’s servants and the House of Saud’s murderers, the city of God (Mecca) and God’s creations (the people) are in utter shock. By killing God’s guests and massacring the best of the Almighty’s servants, the House of Saud has not only tainted the holy mosque, but has stained the whole world of Islam with the martyrs’ blood; they have caused anguish for (all) Muslims and free and upstanding people. Last year, for the first time, the Muslims of the world celebrated the Feast of the Sacrifice in the slaughterhouse of love and Mina of the Almighty’s satisfaction, with the martyrdom of Abraham’s children – peace be upon him – who had survived confrontations with the world-devourers and their lackey’s tens of times.

(1) The Holy Quran, Part of Verse 27 from Chapter 48 (al-Fath)

And again, America and the House of Saud, contrary to the path of the free and upstanding, killed our women and men, mothers and fathers of martyrs, and defenseless veterans; and in the final moments, with cruelty and callousness, whipped the half-dead bodies and thirsty and dried-up mouths of our oppressed people, and took revenge from them; (but) seeking revenge from whom and for what crime?

Revenge from those who had left their homes to reach God’s house and the house of the people! Revenge from those who had taken on the burden of the battle and the duty (that had been entrusted to them) for years. Revenge from those who like Abraham – peace be upon him – were returning from iconoclasm; they had broken the Shah (king of Iran); they had broken the US and the Soviet Union; they had smashed disbelief and hypocrisy.

Those who had come to gladden Abraham, after passing so many roads barefooted and bareheaded with the cry: “And proclaim to the people the Hajj [the Pilgrimage]; they will come to you on foot and on every lean camel” (2). They had come to God’s banquet to wipe off the hardships of the journey from their faces with water from the Zamzam well, and to quench their thirst through the purity of the Pilgrimage rites, and to increase their strength and become more responsible; and in their eternal process and progress, not only take off the cloak and veil of dependence on the world and desire for it in the Pilgrimage-site, but also through their actions.

(2) The Holy Quran, Part of Verse 27 from Chapter 22 (al-Hajj)

They were those who had prohibited themselves from having the conveniences of comfort-seekers in order to rescue the deprived and servants of God. They had put on the Ihram clothes of martyrdom, and were determined not only to cease being bondservants of the US and the Soviet Union, but also to not obey anyone other than God. They had come to tell Muhammad again – peace be upon him and his holy progeny – that they are not tired of fighting and that they know very well that Abu Sufyan and Abu Lahab and Abu Jahl are lying in ambush for revenge. They wonder, are al-Laat and Hubal still in the Kaaba? Well yes, but even more dangerous than those idols, with a new face and disguise.

They know that today the mosque is the same as before, but it longer belongs to the people, but to the US! And him who does not pledge allegiance to the US and (instead) worships the God of the Kaaba, will become deserving of revenge. Revenge from the pilgrims whose every fiber-of-being and all movements and actions in their revolution revived Abraham’s rituals; (those who) are truly headed to make their lives and their country fragrant with the pleasant chant of “Labbaik, Alahumma Labbaik” (Here I am at Thy service O Lord, here I am).

Yes, in the reasoning of the arrogant (powers) of the world, whoever wants to disavow polytheism (shirk) and disbelief (kufr), will be accused of shirk himself; and these muftis and their children, who are Balaam’s descendants, will sentence him to death for heresy.

Ultimately, in the history of Islam the sword of disbelief and hypocrisy, which had been hidden in the fake Ihram clothes worn by the people of Yazid and the hirelings of Bani Umayyah – the curse of Allah be upon them – for destroying and killing the most righteous descendants of the Prophet of Islam, Hazrat Abu Abdullah al-Hussain and his faithful companions – peace be upon them – has come out again from the clothes of the inheritors of Bani Sufyan; to cut off the blessed and pure throats of the companions of Hussain – peace be upon him – in that hot weather, in al-Hijaz turned Karbala, in the holy land turned slaughterhouse. Then just like the people of Yazid accused the rightful offspring of Islam by calling them “outsiders,” “heretics,” “pagans” and “death-deserving”, they attributed the same titles to their (Hussain’s) followers. God willing, we will appease our grieving hearts at the right time by taking revenge from the US and the Saudis and make them pay for this big crime that was sweet (to them). Celebrating the victory of truth over the armies of disbelief and hypocrisy, and freedom of the Kaaba from the hands of the impostors and strangers, we will enter al-Masjid al-Haram.

But those pilgrims who have travelled to Mecca, surely with (an experience of) being controlled and intimidated by their governments, will miss their real friends and supporters and brothers in arms.

The House of Saud will bombard the pilgrims with severe propaganda to whitewash last year’s ghastly atrocities, and to justify their act of hindering people from the way of Allah (5) and barring access of Iranian pilgrims to the Hajj. Their hireling mullahs and servile courtier muftis – the curse of Allah be upon them – will stage shows through the media and the press, and deliver speeches in the Islamic countries especially al-Hijaz, to impinge on the pilgrims’ thoughts and (limit their) understanding regarding the real philosophy of the Hajj, and realizing the premeditated plan of the Great Satan to murder God’s guests. And certainly in these circumstances the responsibility of pilgrims (to spread the truth) is heavy.

(5) Referring to Verse 217 of Chapter 2 (al-Baqara) of the Holy Quran which states: “They ask you of war in the holy month. Tell them: to fight in that month is a great sin. But a greater sin in the eyes of Allah is to hinder people from the way of Allah, and to not believe in Him, and to bar access to the Holy Mosque…”

The biggest pain of Islamic societies is that they still haven’t understood the real philosophy behind many divine laws, and the Hajj with all of its mysteries and grandeur, still remains a mundane worship and an event without fruitful outcomes. One of the great responsibilities of Muslims is to find out what the Hajj is and why they must perpetually spend a portion of their material and spiritual facilities to uphold it.

The philosophy behind the Hajj portrayed by the uninformed or ill-intentioned analysts and sell-outs is that the Hajj is a collective worship and a spiritual and recreational trip. What has the Hajj got to do with how one must live, how one must fight, and how one must stand up against Capitalism and Communism!? What has the Hajj got to do with taking back the rights of the Muslims and the oppressed people from the tyrants!? What has the Hajj got to do with the obligation to relieve Muslims from material and spiritual hardships!? What has the Hajj got to with vitalizing Muslims as the world’s third great power (against the world’s two superpowers of the time)!? What has the Hajj got to do with revolt against puppet governments!? Yes, (in their eyes) the Hajj is no more than a recreational trip for visiting the Qiblah and Medina!

Whereas (in reality), the Hajj is for humans to get close to the Host and to establish a connection with Him. The Hajj is not merely a collection of rituals and chants, and humans cannot reach God with mundane and uninspired words and movements. The Hajj is the focal point of divine knowledge, from which Islam’s policy towards all other spheres of life should be sought. The Hajj is the envoy for creating and building a society devoid of worldly and spiritual vices. The Hajj is the embodiment and replication of all the scenes in the world that create love in the life of a human and an advanced society. And the rites of the Hajj are the rites of life.

And since the Umma of Islam (Islamic society), regardless of race and nationality, must become like Abraham in order to become unified and join the multitude of Muhammad’s nation – peace be upon him and his holy progeny – the Hajj is the arrangement and training and formation of this monotheistic life. The Hajj is a stage for expression and also a mirror to reflect and evaluate the spiritual and material capabilities and talents of Muslims. The Hajj is like the Quran from which everyone can benefit. But if thinkers and researchers and the ones who are familiar with the Islamic Umma’s agonies, dive into its ocean of knowledge, and if they do not fear approaching and immersing themselves in its social laws and policies, they will obtain more pearls of guidance, growth, wisdom, and magnanimity from this ocean’s shells. And they will forever quench their thirst from the pure knowledge and wisdom therein.

But what must be done and where can one lament this great sorrow, that the (reality behind) Hajj has become abandoned like the Quran. And to the same extent that the book of life and perfection and beauty (the Quran) has become concealed due to our self-inflicted veils, and this treasure of creation’s mysteries has been buried and hidden under the load of our deviation of reasoning, and its language of fondness and guidance and life and enlivening philosophy has been reduced to the language of fear and death and graves, the Hajj has had the same ill fate. Such that millions of Muslims travel to Mecca annually and step in the shoes of the Prophet and Abraham and Ishmael and Hagar, but none of them asks themselves who Abraham and Muhammad – peace be upon them – were and what they did; what were their goals and what do they expect from us?

It is as if this is the only thing that is not being considered. Certainly an uninspired and mundane Hajj without uprising, a Hajj without disavowal (of Islam’s enemies), a Hajj without unity, and a Hajj from which the annihilation of disbelief (kufr) and polytheism (shirk) does not ensue, is not a Hajj. In sum, all Muslims must work hard to revitalize the Hajj and the Holy Quran and reintroduce these two in their daily lives. And the devout scholars of Islam should offer correct and real interpretations of the Hajj in order to do away with the superstitious gabble and fabrications of the servile courtier muftis.

But what the beloved pilgrims should know is that the US and the House of Saud have painted the incident as a sectarian strife and battle for power between the Shias and Sunnis, and have portrayed Iran and its leaders as ones who dream of reaching a great empire; so that many people who are unaware of politics in the Islamic world and the sinister schemes of the world-devourers, wrongly assume that our cry of disavowal towards the polytheists and our struggle for liberating nations is for our own political gains and spreading the territory of the Islamic Republic.

Of course, for us and for all the thinkers and researchers who are aware of the filthy intentions of the House of Saud, it is no wonder that they accuse Iran and its government of creating division among Muslims. A government that since the very beginning of its triumph (the Islamic Revolution) until the present time has been crying for Muslims’ unity and has shared their joys and sorrows. Or even worse, they accuse the pilgrims who had travelled to al-Hijaz out of affection for a pilgrimage to the Prophet’s mausoleum and God’s sacred mosque of attempting to conquer the Kaaba and set ablaze God’s sacred mosque and demolish Medina! And as proof of their claim, they point to members of Iran’s military and dignitaries participating in the Hajj!

Yes, in the House of Saud’s logic, members of the military in Islamic countries should be strangers to the Hajj, and such a pilgrimage by dignitaries and members of the military is conspiratorial. In the eyes of the arrogant (powers), dignitaries from Islamic countries should be travelling to foreign countries (instead); what have they got to do with the Hajj!? The puppets of the US have interpreted burning of the American flag as setting ablaze the sacred mosque, and chanting “Down with the US and the Soviet Union and Israel” as disavowal of God and the Quran and the Prophet; and they’ve also declared our dignitaries and members of the military in Ihram clothes as leaders of the conspiracy!

The reality is that the arrogant governments of the East and the West, and in particular the US and the Soviet Union, have in effect divided the world into those who are free and those who are quarantined. In the free part of the world, it is the superpowers who know no limits and abide by no laws, and consider transgression towards the rights of others, colonialism, exploitation, and slavery of nations a necessity and completely justified and logical and in line with all their contrived principles and international rules.

But in the politically quarantined part, in which unfortunately most of the weak nations and especially the Muslims have been imprisoned, there is no right to life and free speech. All the laws and rules and formulas are those dictated and in favor of the puppet governments and in accordance with the interests of the arrogant (powers). And unfortunately most of the officials of this part are either imposed rulers or the followers of the arrogant’s main guidelines, who consider even a cry out of agony in these shackles and chains as an unforgivable crime and sin.

And the world-devourers’ interests necessitate that no one be allowed to utter a word that would weaken them or rattle their dreams. And since due to coercion, imprisonment, and execution, the Muslims of the world have no power (in their own countries) to state the suffering that their rulers have imposed on them, they should be able to express their suffering and anguish in complete freedom in the Sacred Mosque of Allah, so that (other) Muslims come up with a solution for their liberation.

Hence we insist that Muslims, at least in the secure and divine house belonging to God, emancipate themselves from all the restrictions and shackles imposed by the oppressors; and that in a great movement they disavow what they despise, and use any means to liberate themselves. The House of Saud has taken it upon itself to control the pilgrims to God’s house. And so we confidently state that the incident in Mecca is in line with the world-devourers’ policies of eradicating and obliterating free and indomitable Muslims.

By disavowing polytheists, we have aimed at releasing the condensed energy of the Islamic world. And it will happen someday with the Great God’s help via the labor of the children of the Quran. And if God wills, a day will come in which the Muslims and the wounded will shout against the oppressors of the world and prove that the superpowers and their hirelings and slaves are among the most hated creatures in the world. Killing the pilgrims to God’s house is a plot to upkeep the policies of the arrogant and to prevent the propagation of the true Islam of Muhammad – peace be upon him and his holy progeny.

And the dark and disgraceful track record of the detached rulers of Islamic countries foretells an increase in disaster and agony for the half-dead body of Islam and Muslims. The prophet of Islam does not need aristocratic mosques and decorative minarets. The prophet of Islam was after the glory and greatness of his followers who have unfortunately fallen into disgrace because of the incorrect policies of their puppet rulers. Will the Muslims of the world ever forget the catastrophic massacre of hundreds of scholars and thousands of women and men of different Muslim sects in the disgraceful lifetime of the House of Saud, and also the atrocity of massacring the pilgrims to God’s house?

Do the Muslims not see that today the Wahhabi centers have turned into focal points of devilry and espionage; who on the one hand promote the Islam of aristocracy, the Islam of Abu Sufyan, the Islam of filthy servile courtier mullahs, the Islam of the sanctimonious fools of the seminaries and universities, the Islam of dishonor and desolation, the Islam of money and power, the Islam of deceit and compromise and captivity, the Islam of wealth and the rich ruling over the oppressed and barefooted people, and in one word the “American Islam”; and on the other hand they are at the service of their masters, the world-devouring America.

Muslims do not know where to lament this pain, that the House of Saud and the custodian of the two mosques, assures Israel that they will not use their weapons against them! And cuts diplomatic ties with Iran to prove it. How warm and intimate does the relationship between the heads of (these so-called) Islamic countries and the Zionists have to be, for them to remove their fake and skin-deep objection towards Israel from the agenda of their conference of Islamic leaders?

If they had an ounce of honor and Islamic and Arabic zeal, they would not have accepted such a filthy political transaction and selling themselves and their countries. Are these actions not disgraceful for the world of Islam? And is being an onlooker not a sin and crime? Aren’t there any Muslims who will take a stand and not accept this degree of shame and indignity? Should we really sit by and let the Islamic countries’ leaders ignore the emotions of one billion Muslims and cover-up the many atrocities committed by the Zionists, and again bring Egypt and the like to the stage?

Now the Muslims believe that the Iranian pilgrims have revolted to occupy The House of God and the Prophet’s mausoleum and they are going to steal the Kaaba and take it to Qom! If the Muslims have believed that their leaders are the real enemies of the US and the Soviet Union and Israel, then they will also believe their propaganda about us. Meanwhile we have announced this reality and truth in our foreign policy and international Islamic policy several times, that our goal has been and still is, to pursue the spread of Islam’s presence in the world and a decrease in the world-devourers’ domination.

Now if the servants of the US brand this as expansionist policy and empire-building mentality, we are not frightened and we welcome it. We seek to dry up the rotten roots of Zionism, Capitalism and Communism in the world. We have decided, by the grace of almighty God, to destroy the regimes based on these three fundaments and to promote the Islamic regime of God’s Prophet –peace be upon him and his progeny- in the world dominated by the arrogant.

And sooner or later the imprisoned nations will witness it. With all our might, we will combat the spread of the American agents’ unaccountability and coercion, even if it has to happen through the use of force. God willing, we will never let the sound of compromise with the US and the Soviet Union and disbelief (kufr) and polytheism (shirk) emanate from the Kaaba and the pilgrimage, this great pulpit which should reflect the oppressed people’s voice to the whole world and reverberate the tone of monotheism.

And we ask God to bestow this power upon us to broadcast the call of “down with the US and the Soviet Union” not only from the Muslims’ Kaaba but also from the world’s churches. Let the Muslims and the deprived people across the world feel pride and freedom from this endless limbo that our Islamic Revolution has created for all world-devourers; and let them chant the tone of liberty and indomitability in their life and destiny, and mend their wounds, as the era of deadlock and disappointment and breathing in the dominion of disbelief has ended, and the rosary of the nations has emerged.

And I hope that every Muslim beholds the blossoms of liberty and the breeze of the vernal scent and the freshness of flowers of love and affection, and the lucid spring of their determination. We must all emancipate ourselves from the marsh and swamp and lull on which the political agents of the US and the Soviet Union have sprinkled the seeds of death and captivity, and we must head to the sea from which the Zamzam water has streamed, and rinse the Kiswah and God’s House which have become polluted by the dirty hands of the Americans and their minions, with the tears from our eyes.

Muslims from all the world’s countries! Since you have been caught in a gradual death under the domination of strangers, you should overcome the fear of death, and benefit from the enthusiastic martyrdom-seeking youth who are ready to attack the front lines of disbelief. Do not think of preserving the status-quo, but rather think of an escape from captivity and liberation from slavery and an onslaught against the enemies of Islam; because honor and life are only achievable through fighting; and the first step in the fight, is determination.

And after that, decide to forbid yourselves from accepting the global lordship of disbelief and polytheism, in particular America. Whether we are in Mecca or not, our hearts and minds are with Abraham in Mecca. Whether they open the gateways of the City of the Prophet for us or close them, our bond of affection towards the prophet will never be torn or weakened. We pray towards the Kaaba and die towards it. And we thank God that we have been able to remain true to our promise to the God of the Kaaba, and have established the tenets of disavowing polytheists with the blood of thousands of our beloved martyrs.

And we will not stand idle until the decadent rulers of some Islamic or non-Islamic countries support us. We, the ever-oppressed people of history, are deprived and barefooted. We have no one but God. And even if we are minced and butchered a thousand times, we will not stop fighting against oppression. The Islamic Republic of Iran thanks the upstanding Muslims of the world who despite the political (tyranny and) suffocation that rules over them, have revealed the atrocities of America and the House of Saud by holding conferences and conducting interviews and giving speeches, and showed to the world that we have been wronged.

Muslims should know that until the balance of power in the world does not tilt towards them, the interests of others will prevail over theirs; and every day the Great Satan or the Soviet Union will create new excuses in the name of protecting their own interests. But will the Muslims really be at ease if they do not seriously solve their problems with the world-devourers, or at least increase their power to their level? If America razes an Islamic country to the ground right now with the excuse of protecting its interests, who will stop it?

So there is no way left other than to fight; and we must shatter the claws and fangs of the superpowers and in particular America. And inevitably one of the two will ensue: either martyrdom, or victory; and in our school of thought both of these are a triumph. So God willing, He will bestow all Muslims the power to shatter the (current) political framework of the oppressors and world-devourers, and also the courage to create a scaffold based on human rectitude, and to help everyone lift themselves from the descent of abjection to the ascent of honor and glory.

Before the bitter sweet incidents in last year’s Hajj, some people did not properly understand the Islamic Republic of Iran’s insistence of the rally for disavowing the polytheists, and they asked themselves and others about the necessity of a rally and crying and fighting in that scorching weather; (they asked) even if we cry for disavowal of polytheists, how will the arrogant (powers) be harmed? And perhaps some naïve people imagined that the so-called civilized world of the world-devourers will not only tolerate such political matters, but will even let their opponents live and protest and march further.

And the reason to this claim is the permission given in the so-called free western countries for these rallies to take place. But this issue must be clarified that those sorts of rallies have no harm to the superpowers and the powerful. It is the Mecca and Medina rally that will lead to oil taps shutting off. It is the disavowal rallies in Mecca and Medina that will lead to the annihilation of those devoted to the US and the Soviet Union. And this is exactly why it is prevented through the massacre of the free and upstanding men and women; and it is under the auspices of this disavowal of polytheists that even the naïve people will understand that one should not be at the service of the US and the Soviet Union.

The dear and brave Iranian nation should be certain that the incident in Mecca will be the origin of great changes in the world of Islam; and it will lay the appropriate foundations for the uprooting of corrupt regimes in Islamic countries and the rejection of the fraudulent scholars. Despite the fact that no more than a year has passed since the epic of disavowing the polytheists, the fragrance of the purified blood of our dear martyrs has reached the entire globe and we can observe its influence everywhere around the world. The Palestinian people’s epic is not an accidental phenomenon.

Does the world wonder who has composed this epic and on what apotheosis the Palestinians rely on which allows them to forthrightly resist against the Zionists’ barbaric attacks with their empty hands? Is it merely the tone of patriotism that has created a world of strength from their existence? Is it from the tree of the sell-out politicians that the fruit of perseverance and the olive of light and hope has emerged for the Palestinians? If this were the case, then why hasn’t anything happened in the many years that they’ve taken advantage of the Palestinians and have benefitted in their name!

There is no doubt that it is the call of “God is the Greatest”; this is our nation’s cry that disappointed the Shah (King) in Iran and the usurpers in Jerusalem. And this is the realization of the same disavowal slogan that the Palestinian nation has chanted in the Hajj rallies alongside their Iranian brothers and sisters for the freedom of al-Quds, and chanted “Down with the US and the Soviet Union and Israel”; and on the same bedding of martyrdom that the blood of our beloved has poured, they too have rested with the contribution of their blood in the tradition of martyrdom.

Yes, the lost Palestinian found his way through our path of disavowal. And we observed how the iron fences collapsed in this fight, and how blood defeated the sword, and faith defeated disbelief, and outcry defeated the bullet; and how the daydream of the Children of Israel to occupy the zone between the Nile and the Euphrates was disturbed, and again the shining star of Palestine was enlightened through our blessed tree of “Neither the West nor the East” (one of the slogans of the Islamic Revolution of Iran). Today, as the widespread endeavors in the entire world to draw us to compromise with disbelief and polytheism are in full swing, they are similarly trying to extinguish the flame of the wrath of the Muslim nation of Palestine.

This is just one example of the advancement of the revolution. Meanwhile those who believe in the principles of our Islamic revolution have multiplied throughout the world; and we consider them as strong assets of our revolution. They are those who sign the petition in our support with the ink of their blood, and pledge allegiance to the call of the revolution with their entirety. With the help of God, they will (hopefully) take control of the entire world. Today, the war between truth and falsehood, poverty and wealth, oppression and arrogance, and the war between the barefooted and the affluent without a care has begun. I kiss the hands and arms of all the dear people across the world shouldering the burden of resistance, struggling in the cause of God for elevating the honor of Muslims. I present my sincere greetings and salutations to all the buds of liberty and goodness.

I tell the dear and courageous nation of Iran: that God has spread the effects and blessings of your spirituality to the world. Your luminous hearts and eyes have become the focal point for supporting the deprived; and the spark of your revolutionary wrath has frightened the world-devourers of the left and right. Of course, we all know that our country has endured hardships and troubles during the war and the revolution. And no one is claiming that the deprived, underprivileged and low-income classes, particularly workers and employees, are not experiencing economic hardships. However, what all our people think is more important, is the issue of preserving Islam and the principles of the revolution.

The people of Iran have proven that they can endure thirst and hunger, but can never tolerate the defeat of the revolution and blows to its principles. The noble nation of Iran has always resisted against the most intense attacks by the entire world of disbelief against the foundations of its revolution; the details of which cannot be discussed here due to time restrictions.

Hasn’t the valiant nation of Iran resisted against the numerous crimes of America in the Persian Gulf, such as its military and intelligence support for Iraq, and its attack on oil rigs and boats and ships, and its shooting down of a passenger airplane?

Hasn’t the nation of Iran stood firm against the diplomatic war of the East and the West against itself and the creation of political games by international bodies? Hasn’t the courageous nation of Iran withstood the economic, propaganda and psychological war and atrocious attacks and bombardment by Iraq on its cities, and rocket attacks on residential areas and the repeated chemical bombings of Iran and Halabchah? Hasn’t the dear nation of Iran combatted the plots of the hypocrites and liberals, the pillage and hoarding of the capitalists, and the trickery of the sanctimonious?

Haven’t all these events and schemes been aimed at attacking the principles of the revolution? If it were not for the presence of the people, any of these plots could strike at the foundations of the establishment. Thus, we thank God for making the Iranian nation succeed, accomplishing its duty with its head held high, and not backing down.

Our beloved nation, who are the true and authentic fighters for Islamic values, have understood well that fighting and comfort-seeking are not compatible; and those who imagine that struggling along the path of independence and freedom for the downtrodden and deprived people of the world has no contradiction with capitalism and comfort-seeking, are oblivious of even the basics of the struggle.

And those who assume that the capitalists and the detached wealthy will become remorseful through advice, preaching and guidance, and they will join the freedom-fighters or assist them, are building castles in the sky. The issues of struggling versus affluence and capital, uprising versus comfort-seeking, and love of the world versus love for the hereafter are issues that never harmonize. And only those who have tasted the pain of poverty, deprivation and weakness, will be with us to the end. The poor and underprivileged faithful, are the true creators and implementers of revolutions.

We have to make the upmost effort to preserve the fundamental line of defending the downtrodden in whatever way possible. The government officials of revolutionary Iran should know that in a bid to destroy the revolution, some godless people will immediately brand whomever wishes to work for the poor and deprived and tread the path of Islam and the revolution, as a communist and eclectic (1). One should not be afraid of these accusations. God must be taken into account. One must try hard and focus all his efforts to please God and help the poor, and mustn’t be afraid of any accusations.


  1. Pejorative word for describing those who have mixed Islamic teaching with un-Islamic thoughts from elsewhere

America and the arrogant have agents in all areas working to defeat the Islamic Revolution. In seminaries and universities there are sanctimonious elements whose menace I have repeatedly pointed out. Through their hypocrisy, they are destroying the revolution and Islam from within. They pretend to be righteous and support religion and the religious authority, while they brand everybody else as irreligious. We must seek refuge in God from their evil. Similarly, there are others who assail every cleric and religious scholar without exception and brand their Islam as American Islam. They are (also) treading a dangerous path, that God forbid, could result in the defeat of (the prophet) Muhammad’s pure Islam.

We will continue to defend and uphold the rights of the deprived people in human societies to our last drop of blood. Today, the world is thirsty for the teachings of (the prophet) Muhammad’s pure Islam. And with a grand Islamic ensemble, the status, luster and gloss of the white and red palaces1 will be shattered. Today, Khomeini has put himself in harm’s way, against the bullets of calamity and difficult events, and facing all the cannons and missiles of the enemies; and likewise, all the lovers of martyrdom are counting the days for attaining martyrdom. Our war is a war of ideology, and recognizes no geography or border.


  1. Referring to the White House and the Kremlin


And we must mobilize the grand forces of Islam’s soldiers in the world in our ideological war. God willing, the great nation of Iran, through its material and moral support for the revolution, will transform the difficulties of the war to the sweetness of defeating God’s enemies in the world. And what greater sweetness than the fact that the great nation of Iran has struck the Americans on the head like a thunderbolt? What greater sweetness than the fact that the Iranian nation has witnessed the fall of the pillars and components of the monarchial system and torn America’s lifeline in this country? And what greater sweetness than the fact that our beloved people have severed the roots of hypocrisy, nationalism and eclecticism.

God willing, they will taste its eternal sweetness in the hereafter. Not only will those who have advanced to the level of martyrdom, or have become wounded veterans and participated in the warfront, benefit from the high rank and great reward of the Mujahidin1, but also those who behind the warfronts, have strengthened the warfront through their loving gazes and benevolent prayers. Good for the Mujahidin! Good for the inheritors of Hussain – peace be upon him!

America’s lackey’s should know that martyrdom in God’s path is not a concept that can be compared with victory or defeat in the battlefield. The rank of martyrdom is itself the pinnacle of servitude and wayfaring in the spiritual realm.


  1. Warriors of God’s path


We should not degrade martyrdom to the extent of saying that in exchange for the martyrdom of the children of Islam, Khorramshahr and other cities were liberated. All these are false nationalist illusions. Our aim is higher than that. The nationalists imagine that our aim is to implement international Islamic objectives in the world of poverty and hunger. We say, so long as polytheism and disbelief exist, so will the struggle. And as long as there is struggle, we are here.

We do not have any dispute with anybody over cities or countries (territory). We plan to fly the banner of La ilaha illallah (There is no deity but Allah) on top of the exalted summits of rectitude and honor. Thus, oh my children in the Army, Revolutionary Guards and Basij (popular mobilization forces), and oh people who have taken up arms, never talk sadly of losing territory or proudly and happily for gaining territory; for these are so trivial as compared to your goals, just as the whole world is trivial compared to the hereafter. The fathers, mothers, spouses and relatives of our martyrs, prisoners of war, those missing in action, and the disabled of the war should be aware that nothing has been reduced from what their children have attained.


Your children are beside the noble Prophet and the pure Imams. Victory and defeat make no difference for them. Today is the day for guiding future generations. Fasten your seatbelts because nothing has changed. Today God has willed thusly, and yesterday God had willed it differently. And tomorrow, God willing, will be the day of victory for the army of truth. But whatever is the will of God, we accept it subserviently. We have submitted to God’s rule and it is for this reason that we seek martyrdom. It is only for this reason that we do not submit to domination and the servitude of anybody but God.

Of course, all of us are responsible to carry out our duties in the best manner, with precision and meticulousness. Everyone knows that we did not start the war. We have only defended ourselves in order to safeguard the existence of Islam in the world. It is this oppressed nation of Iran that has always been the subject of attack by the world-devourers. By utilizing all political, military, cultural and economic stratagems, the arrogant have assaulted us. Thus far, our Islamic Revolution has revealed the lair of Satan and the hunters’ traps for the nations.

The world-devourers, capitalists and their dependents expect us to just watch the shattering of the youth and not to caution the oppressed as we see them falling into pits. However, our primary duty and that of our Islamic Revolution is to call out to the entire world: Oh those who are in slumber! Oh the neglectful! Wake up and take a look around, and see that you’ve settled near the dens of wolves! Rise up as this is not the place to sleep!

And we must shout: revolt quickly, for the world is not immune from hunters! America and the Soviet Union are lying in ambush, and they will not relent unless you are totally destroyed. Truly, if a global mobilization of Muslims had been organized, would anybody have the audacity to show such impudence and wickedness towards the spiritual children of the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him and his progeny? Today, one of the great honors of our nation is the deployment of troops vis-à-vis the biggest show of force by American and European warships in the Persian Gulf.


I warn the American and European marines to leave the Persian Gulf before it is too late and you sink in the quagmire of death. It will not always be like the time when our passenger plane was shot down by your warship. Maybe (this time) the children of the revolution will send your warships to the bottom of the Persian Gulf. I say to the states and governments in the region, especially to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, that all of you will be held accountable as accomplices for the adventure-seeking behavior and atrocities committed by America.


So far, we have not taken any action in order for the entire region not to plunge into fire, blood and absolute instability. However, the mad actions of Reagan will surely result in unexpected events that will impose dangerous consequences for all. Be sure that you will be the losers in this new page of events. Don’t make yourselves, your countries and Muslim people so miserable and weak before America. If you have no religion, at least be free and upstanding. Thank God, through the blessings of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, the windows of light and hope have opened to the Muslims of the world; and soon the thunderbolt of its repercussions, will shower death and annihilation upon the heads of all the arrogant powers.


The important point we must all consider, and place as the cornerstone of our policy towards foreigners is: to what extent will our enemies and the world-devourers tolerate us, and to what limit will they allow our independence and freedom? Certainly, they know no limit, other than trampling all our identity and all our spiritual and divine values. As the Holy Quran states, they will not relent from hostility and fighting you, until you renounce your religion.

Whether we like it or not, the Zionists, America and the Soviet Union will pursue us so as to blemish our religious identity and our school’s nobility. Some malicious individuals are accusing us of having a hateful policy and rancor in the world arena; and with their inappropriate sympathies and childish protests, they are saying that the Islamic Republic has caused enmity and has lost its grace in the eyes of the West and the East and their minions! It’d be great if this question is answered: when have third-world countries and Muslims, and in particular the nation of Iran, ever had credibility and respect in the eyes of the Westerners and Easterners that today they have become non-credible?!


Yes, if the Iranian nation deviates from all its Islamic and revolutionary principles and standards and destroys the house of honor and respect for the Prophet and infallible Imams with its own hands, then the world-devourers might give it recognition (but even then) as a weak, poor and uncultured nation; but only to the extent of them remaining as masters and we as servants; them as superpowers and we as weaklings; them as lords and guardians and we as stipendiaries and protectors of their interests; not an Iran with an Iranian-Islamic identity, rather an Iran whose identification card is issued by America and the Soviet Union; an Iran who serves as the chariot of American or Soviet policy. Today, all the afflictions and agonies of America and the Soviet Union, the West and the East, are due to the fact that the Iranian nation has not only released itself from their protectorate, but also calls on others to rid themselves from the domination of tyrants.


If the non-proliferation and elimination of weapons of mass destruction in the world were true and sincere, it would be the wish of all nations. However, this is yet another old trick. This is what has recently been revealed in the statements of the heads of America and the Soviet Union and the writings of their politicians. The recent collaborations between the heads of the East and the West are aimed at harnessing the third-world further, and in reality, curbing the entrance of the barefooted and deprived people, in the realm of the affluent’s immeasurable and unbound possessions.

We must prepare ourselves so that in face of the united front of the East and the West, the powerful Islamic-humane front can be formed in the model of our Islam and our revolution; and (then) the authority and lordship of the deprived and the barefooted will be celebrated. Be certain that the powers of the East and the West are the manifestation of the empty material world, which are not even worthy of mentioning in face of the eternity and infiniteness of the world of spiritual values. I declare unequivocally that the Islamic Republic of Iran will invest with all its might to revive the Islamic identity of Muslims in the entire world. There is no reason why it would not guide the Muslims of the world to follow the steps of acquiring power; and (no reason why it would not) oppose the megalomania and greed of the holders of power, riches and deceit.


We must plan for the advancement of the objectives and interests of the underprivileged nation of Iran. We must try with all our might to communicate with the people of the world, attend to the problems and concerns of the Muslims, and defend the combatants, the hungry and the deprived. We must consider this as one of the principles of our foreign policy. We declare that the Islamic Republic of Iran is a patron and refuge of the free Muslims of the world forever. And that the country of Iran, as a military fort and unassailable stronghold, will fulfill the needs of the soldiers of Islam and train them in the principles of Islamic religion and manner, as well as the fundamentals and methods of fighting against the establishments of disbelief and polytheism.


And on the topic of accepting the Resolution, which is indeed a bitter and unpleasant matter for all especially for me; until a few days ago I believed in the same mode of defense and stance that was announced during the war, and I believed that it was in the interest of the establishment, the country and the revolution. However, owing to some events and factors, which I will presently refrain from mentioning with the hope that God willing they will become clear in the future, and by taking into account the views of all the country’s high-ranking political and military experts –whose commitment, compassion and sincerity I trust- I have agreed to accept the resolution and ceasefire, and at the present moment I believe it is for the best of the revolution and the establishment. God is my witness that if it were not for our duty of sacrificing ourselves, our honor and our credibility for the interest of Islam and Muslims, I would never accept it and death and martyrdom would be more pleasant for me.

But what can be done other than us all accepting what the Exalted God pleases. Certainly, the heroic and valiant nation of Iran has always done so and will continue to do so. At this juncture, I thank and acknowledge all my children in the warfronts of fire and blood, who have toiled and struggled in any way regarding the war from its onset up to this day. I invite the entire nation of Iran to vigilance, patience and resistance. In the future, some individuals among the people might knowingly or unknowingly ask: what happened to the fruits of all the blood, martyrdom and self-sacrifice?


These people are certainly ignorant of nonphysical realms and the philosophy behind martyrdom. They do not know that temporal events do not harm the permanency, perpetuity and elated position of him who has participated in jihad only for the gratification of God, and has offered his life out of sincerity and servitude. And in order for us to fully understand the value and path of our martyrs, we should tread a long path and search for the answer through the passage of time and in the history of the revolution and the future generations. Surely, the blood of the martyrs has insured the revolution and Islam.

The blood of the martyrs has given a lesson of resistance to the people of the world forever. And God knows that the path and rite of martyrdom is never ending; and it is the nations and future generations who will place martyrs as their role models. The purified earth in which martyrs have been buried, will until judgement day, be a shrine for the lovers (of God), mystics and the compassionate, as well as a healing ground for the free and indomitable. Good for those who have passed away with martyrdom! Good for those who lost their lives in this caravan of light! Good for those (mothers and fathers) who nourished these gems in their laps! Oh God, keep this book of martyrdom open for the lovers, and do not deprive us from attaining it.


Oh God, our country and our nation are still at the beginning of the path of struggle, and in need of the torch of martyrdom. You, yourself, be the keeper and guardian of this radiant light. Good for you, Oh nation! Good for you, women and men! Good for the disabled of war, those imprisoned, those missing in action and the noble families of the martyrs! Woe to me who has still lagged behind and has drank the poisoned chalice of accepting the resolution. And I feel ashamed in face of the greatness and self-sacrifice of this great nation. Woe to those who were not in this caravan! Woe to those who have thus far passed by this great arena of war, martyrdom and immense divine trial, in silence and indifference, or (even) critical and hostile!


Yes, yesterday was the day of divine trial which passed, and tomorrow is another trial, which will come to pass. And we all yet have a greater day of judgement before us. Those who for whatever reason evaded their immense responsibility in these few years of resistance and war, and have kept themselves, their lives, wealth, children, and others away from the eye of the storm for whatever reason should be certain that they have evaded a transaction with God, incurring enormous loss, damage and harm, which they will regret on the Last Day and God’s day of reckoning. Again, I would like to reiterate to all the people and government officials that they should differentiate between these types of people and those who have struggles in God’s path; and to not allow these artless claimants of today and shortsighted heads of yesterday to return to the scene.


Whether I am in your midst or not, it is my dying wish and I advise you not to allow the revolution to fall in the hands of imposters and strangers. Do not permit the forerunners of martyrdom and blood to be neglected in the twists and turns of your daily life. I emphatically urge the beloved nation of Iran to be vigilant and watchful. The acceptance of the resolution on the part of the Islamic Republic of Iran does not mean the issue of the war has been solved. By the announcement of this decision, the propaganda machine of the world-devourers against us has slackened, but the eventuality of events cannot be precisely and absolutely predicted.

The enemy has not yet abandoned its acts of wickedness. It wouldn’t be surprising if it continued its belligerent methods under (new) pretexts. We must be ready and prepared for deterring the enemy’s probable aggression. And so far, our nation should not consider the case closed. Albeit, we officially announce that our objective is not a new tactic in continuing the war. It wouldn’t be surprising if the enemies wanted to continue their attacks under such pretexts. Our military forces should never be unwary of the guile and deceit of the enemies.

In every circumstance, the defensive capabilities of the country must be in the best condition. Our people, who through years of war and resistance have sensed the dimensions of the rancor, cruelty and enmity of the enemies of God and their enemies, should take the menace of the world-devourers’ aggression in different ways and forms more seriously. As in the past, all the military forces including the Army, Revolutionary Guards and the Basij should continue their efforts for defense against the evil of the arrogant (powers) and Iraq.

Once we pass this phase of the revolution and the relevant rules and forms that apply to it, I have some reminders for the period after, the reconstruction of the country and the overall policy of the establishment and the revolution, which I will state at the appropriate time. Nevertheless, in the current moment, I am seriously requesting all the spokesmen, authorities and officials of the country as well as the managers of the mass media and the press to keep away from quarrels and quarrel-mongering. They should be cautious not to inadvertently become tools in the hands of radical minds and thoughts. With patience, hand in hand, they should keep an eye on the position of the enemies.


These days, it is possible that because of their emotions and sentiments, many individuals will talk about the whys, dos and don’ts. Although this is in itself a cherished value, but now it not the time for it. It is possible that those who until yesterday, had taken sides against this establishment and were supposedly advocating peace and peace-seeking, but only with the aim of toppling the system and the government of the Islamic Republic, will today contrive opposite deceptive statements (but) with the same aim. And the hirelings of the arrogant (powers), those who while wearing the mask of peace had thrust their daggers into the heart of the nation from behind, (might) today become the proponents of war.

And in a bid to trample the blood of the beloved martyrs and to destroy the dignity and honor of the people, the uncultured nationalists (might) commence their venomous propaganda. God willing, our dear nation will insightfully and perceptively react to all the schemes.

I once again reiterate that accepting this matter (the ceasefire) is more lethal for me than poison. Yet, I am content with what gratifies God, and I have drunk this (poisonous) drink for His gratification. A point which must be clear is that the officials of the country have decided on accepting this resolution through their own will; and no person or country has had a hand in this matter.


Oh the beloved and noble nation of Iran, I think of every single one of you as my children, and you know that I love and know you; and you know me as well. In the present circumstances, what led to the affair was my duty to God. You know that I had made a pledge to you that I would fight until my dying breath and last drop of blood, but the decision today was for the best. Only with hope in His mercy and gratification I have reneged on what I had said, and if I had any reputation, I have bartered it with God. My dears, you know that I have strived not to place my comfort ahead of the gratification of God and your comfort. Oh God, you know that we have no intention of appeasing disbelief (kufr).


Oh God, you know that the arrogant (powers) and world-devouring America have shredded the flowers of your message’s garden. Oh God, in the world of oppression, tyranny and injustice, you are our only support; and we are all alone; we do not know anybody but you, and we do not want to know anybody except you. Help us as you are the best helper. Oh God, compensate the bitterness of these days with the sweetness of reaching you and the Messiah’s coming -may our souls be sacrificed for the ground he walks on.


My revolutionary children, oh you who will not the least bit compromise your sacred dignity, you should know that every single moment of my life, is passing by in the sacred path of the love of serving you. I know that you are having a hard time, but yet, isn’t your old father having a hard time too? I know that martyrdom is sweeter than honey for you, but yet, isn’t it so for this servant of yours? But you should persevere because God is with those who persevere. Keep your revolutionary resentment and grudge in your bosoms; look at your enemies with wrath and fury; and know that victory belongs to you. I emphasize, that you should not think that I am not informed of the affairs of the war and its officials. I have trust in the officials. Do not condemn them for the decision that they have taken, since such a suggestion has also been hard and unpleasant for them. God willing, God will make us successful in serving and pleasing Him.


At this point, I advise you, the beloved youth of our country—these great divine assets and reserves and these fragrant and newly blooming flowers of the Muslim world—to become aware of the worth and value of the sweet moments of your life; and to prepare yourselves for the great scholarly and applied struggle in attaining the sublime objectives of the Islamic Revolution.


And I advise all the officials and authorities to provide in whatever way possible the means for the moral, religious, scientific and artistic development of the youth; and to accompany them in reaching the highest values and innovations; and to keep the spirit of independence and self-reliance alive in them. Let there not be professors and teachers who, by means of contacts and travel to the so-called civilized world, humiliate and blame our youth who have just recently been freed from captivity and colonialism. God forbid, they create idols out of the advancement and abilities of foreigners and instill the spirit of following, imitation and begging in the minds of the youth. Instead of saying “look at where we are compared to them” they should focus on our humane identity, and keep the can-do spirit and the path of independence alive.

Under circumstances of war and siege, we have had so much artistry, creativities and advancements. God willing, under better circumstances we will provide proper conditions for the growth of talents and research in all affairs. Scholarly struggle for the youth is the revival of the spirit of probing and discovery of realities and truths. And their applied struggle, has taken form in the best arenas of life, namely jihad and martyrdom.


Another point that I would like to mention out of my utmost affection and fondness for the youth, is for you to take advantage of the presence of the clerics and committed scholars of Islam in the path of values and spirituality. Never, and under no circumstances, you should think that you are not in need of their guidance and cooperation.

Throughout history and under the most pressing conditions, the resistant and committed clerics of Islam, with hearts full of hope, love and affection, have always dedicated themselves to teaching, training and guiding the generations. They have always been vanguards and shields for protecting the people; they have been executed and have experienced deprivations; they have been imprisoned, detained and exiled. Above all, they have been the target of sarcasms and accusations; and under the circumstances when many of the intellectuals had become dejected and hopeless in the struggle against the unjust powers, they revived the spirit of hope and vitality in the people and defended the people’s dignity and proper reputation. And now too, they have taken position in every front line of the war and elsewhere with the people; and in every sorrowful and tragic event, they have offered great martyrs.

I am not aware of any country or revolution except the revolution of the Prophet, and the lives of the infallible Imams of Guidance –peace be upon them- and the Islamic Revolution of Iran, in which the leaders of the revolution have been subjected to such waves of attacks and hatreds. This is because of the sincerity and trustworthiness that are epitomized in the existence of the committed scholars of Islam. Assuming responsibility in a country under siege with economic, political and military problems is not an easy task. Albeit, the committed clerics of our country should prepare themselves for (even) more sacrifice. In times of need and urgency, they should expend their reputation and credit, in order the preserve the reputation of Islam and to serve the deprived and the barefooted.

There is room for immense gratefulness and appreciation that the brave and valiant nation of Iran knows the value of their true servants, and sums up the philosophy of its love and dedication to this sacred institution in a single word. The committed scholars and clerics of Islam have never, and will never, betray the Islamic ideals, genuineness, beliefs and objectives of the nation. Of course, it is necessary to point out that in all writings and statements whenever I have mentioned the scholars and have valued them, I am referring to the pure, committed and combatant scholars, as in every group there are those who are impure and uncommitted. And the damage done by sell-out clerics is greater than any other impure individual.

And this group of clerics has always been cursed and damned by God, the Prophet and the people; the main blows to this revolution have been inflicted by, and will be inflicted by, sell-out, sanctimonious and duplicitous clerics. Our committed clerics have always detested and shunned these uncultured elements. I frankly state that if it were up to the nationalists, they would easily extend their hand of abjectness and compromise towards the enemies during hardships, problems, and difficulties. And in order to relieve themselves from daily political pressures, they would break all symbols of patience and resistance all at once, and trample all their claimed national and patriotic covenants and commitments. One should not imagine that we do not know how to compromise with the world-devourers. Yet, alas, the servants of Islam will never betray their own nation!

Of course, we are certain that even under these conditions, those who have an old grudge against the noble clerics and cannot hide their antipathy and jealousy, will begin an onslaught of disrespect against them. At any rate, that which is not in line with the true clergy’s destiny is compromise and surrender to disbelief and polytheism. Even if they dislocate and shatter all our bones, even if they put a noose around our necks, even if they burn us alive in fiery flames, even if they imprison our spouses and children and plunder our possessions before our eyes, we will never sign a peace settlement accepting the reign of disbelief and polytheism.


God willing, the scholars and clerics are familiar with all the dimensions and aspects of their responsibility, but for the sake of reminder and emphasis, I recap that, today in the free environment of our Islamic country, many of the youth and intellectuals feel that they can express their own ideas on different Islamic issues and subjects. With a smiling face and open arms, listen to their comments. If they are going astray, through words full of love and amity you should show them the straight path of Islam.

You should bear in mind that their spiritual and mystical emotions and feelings cannot be overlooked, nor their writings be immediately branded as eclectic or deviant, and subjecting them all to doubt and distrust. Certainly, they who are bringing up issues in this manner these days, have hearts beating for Islam and the guidance of the Muslims. Otherwise, they have no motive behind putting themselves in trouble for bringing up such issues. They think that the position of Islam on various subjects is what they believe it is.

Instead of lashing out and dismissing them, you should deal with them with kindness and fatherly behavior. Even if they do not accept, do not be discouraged. Otherwise, God forbid, they will fall into the traps of the liberals, nationalists or the leftists and the MKO; the sin of this is no less than being eclectic. We can be hopeful for the future of the country and those who build the future when we give them reign over different issues, forgive their minor lapses and have encompassing knowledge of all the means and principles that will lead to their proper training and education.

The culture in the universities and non-seminary centers is in such a manner that they are more used to experiencing facts on the ground, than theoretical and philosophical culture. By blending these two cultures and filling the gaps, the seminary and the university must be fused so that the grounds for spreading and expanding Islamic teachings are widened.


Another point is that, I think the applied ascetic values of clerics are what has led to most of their successes in influencing Islamic society. Today, not only should these values be remembered, but they should be reflected even more than before. There is nothing uglier in clergy, than their worldliness. And there is no means of polluting the clergy worse than worldliness.

It is possible that ignorant friends or clever foes, out of their insincere sympathies, might mislead their inclination to asceticism. There is also a group that spitefully or unintentionally accuses the clergy of siding with the wealthy and capitalists. Under these sensitive and destiny-making circumstances in which the clergy are at the helms of the country’s affairs, and the menace of exploiting the clergy’s status by others is conceivable, one should be extremely careful of his actions.

It is possible that individuals in political organizations, associations, establishments and the like —having a one hundred percent Islamic appearance— will aim to undermine their (clergy’s) credibility and reputation. Apart from guaranteeing their own interests, they might even want to pit the clergy against one another. Of course, the one thing from which the clerics should never deviate and should not abandon due to others’ propaganda, is their defense of the deprived and the barefooted people. It is because anyone who deviates from this has deviated from the social justice of Islam. Under any and all conditions we should consider ourselves as the ones shouldering this gargantuan responsibility. If we commit lapses in this regard, we have betrayed Islam and the Muslims.



In closing, in the sacred presence of God, who has granted boundless favors to this nation, I extend my gratitude and appreciation. We humbly request from the sacred presence of the Messiah –may our souls be sacrificed for him- to assist and lead us in our way and objective. I pray that the Exalted God will grant patience and reward to the families of martyrs, as well as health to the wounded and disabled of the war; and to return the prisoners of war and those missing in action to their country. Oh God, we ask You to bestow on us that which is in the interest of Islam and the Muslims. “Verily, You are near and responsive (to prayers).”


May God’s peace, mercy and blessings be upon you.


Ruhullah al-Musawi al-Khomeini

Dhul-Hijjah 5, 1408 AH

Tir 29, 1367 AHS


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