Book : Supremacy of the World
Written by Seyed Morteza Aviny

Information explosion! I have no idea why such an expression does not terrify me to the extent that it should. Like those who are overwhelmed and their patience over, thinking about us nearing the ultimate fate of the universe makes me happy.

Friedrich Nietzsche had once addressed philosophers with the quote “Build your cities on the slopes of Vesuvius!”. It is my opinion that anyone who seeks out the truth shall be addressed with this quote. “Escape” would only be desirable by those who are seeking an easy path in life, and if there is no such desire, then it is “Better to face a danger once, than to always be in danger”.

The global village will come to be, whether we like it or not. This fact does not distress only us, the non law-abiding citizens, but also, at some higher levels, is sure to make the world’s western powers anxious as well. The phrase “we are non law-abiding citizens”, needs to be further explained.

A “law-abiding citizen” is one whose personal existence has been integrated into the society in which he lives. He raises no objection. He accepts formal rationales and does not doubt the truth of politicians’ words. He obeys local laws because he is convinced that justice is not the focus of law, but its outcome. Such a citizen would come for whatever he is called for, and will avoid what he is forbidden. His eyes, ears and mind are open to propaganda and thus if he should hear an advertisement implying that the “so-and-so bank, is your bank” he will believe it, and would deposit his money in the bank that promises higher interest rates, and so on.
For its survival, the global village needs law-abiding citizens, who simply mind their own business.
In the early ’80s an exceptional occurrence in the world awoke the West from a long-lasting sleep. In a place in this world, ruled by a White House puppet, millions of people suddenly came out of their homes, without a care in the world as to whether they live or die, and stood against the troops. The army which had spent dozens of billions of dollars on its military was crippled, just like a knife cannot cut its own handle. But what did the people want? The people wanted something that does not conform with any logic [of the West’s]: an Islamic Republic. The model people were acquainted was with 1300 years old. And so a question arose within the West, one they could not find any answer for: which media, film or theater had planted such a “message” in the people’s mind? It is not important what the West calls such social movements: Radicalism, Fanaticism or whatsoever… the point is, this happening proved that «information barriers» are not trustworthy anymore.
Note that the odd thing for the West was that they did not find themselves against the familiar culture of the personalities or creators of the “Shiraz Festival of Arts”, or “Ghost Valley’s Mysterious Treasures”, “Uncle Napoleon”, “The 2500th Anniversary of the Persian Empire”, or “Fereydoun Farrokhzad”, but they were suddenly confronted by personalities such as “Seyed Mojtaba Navvab Safavi” and “Haj Mehdi Araghi”.

Moreover the Islamic Republic came to be inside the “information space” of Western powers, within the “island of stability”, and still arose victorious. More importantly, such an event might happen anywhere else in the world […] Consider what happening in Eastern Europe and with Balkan Muslims now? The image we printed in “Soureh” magazine was very self-explanatory: It shows a young man with long hair and eyeglasses, wearing a Rambo-like headband with the sign «Allahu Akbar, Jihad» on it. This picture was taken in the restricted information space of Western powers; By the way, is there any place in the world that is located outside of this space?
The Global village has come to be, whether we like it or not […] This is the same village where Gregor Samsa was born, the village that Eugene Ionesco described in his novel “Rhinoceros”, in which the people ended up accepting the rhinoceros’s deformed figure, the village whose people are “Waiting for Godot”, where people are shaped in unified templates and nobody can deny civilization’s technological requirements, where antenna receivers are grown on people’s heads & have enabled them to receive one hundred and fifty channels directly, the village wherein robots fall in love with each other, Terminator (II) goes back in time 30 years and kills himself, where Batman and Joker battle one another. This is the same village where TV teaches sex-ed. to 6 year old girls, the village where sheep are born with human heads and human beings are born with pig heads, the village where media focuses on the photographic image of «Piss Christ» for months, where two hundred and forty six kinds of sexual abuse subsist…

However. strangely enough, this is the same village where Basiji [Popular Mobilization] soldiers, live under the sky of Mecca’s Ramal. In this village on midnights, the moon shines equally on «Las Vegas Casinos», «The Dokuheh mosque», and also the graves which these Basiji soldiers have long cried over for their love for and fear from God. Strange world. Isn’t it?
It has been more than a century that no civilization other than Western civilization appears to be existent on Earth. All of the Earth has been conquered by the West’s home-brewed lifestyle. No nation has been able to keep their language, culture, architecture, social life, and even their personal lives apart from the impact of Western culture. And now that satellites have surpassed all geographical boundaries, and this charming mirror has penetrated each single home of this integrated village, common sense dictates that nothing would ever be able to make this worldwide domination of Mephistopheles unsteady, or perhaps extinguish it. But things maybe prove to progress otherwise.

Milan Kundera described in his book «The Art of the Novel» the paradoxes of the final season of Western civilization and has called them the «Terminal Paradoxes». He brings up some examples that can be helpful in clarifying the unclear points:
“In the course of the Modern Era, Cartesian rationality has corroded, one after the other, all the values inherited from the Middle Ages. But just when reason wins a total victory, pure irrationality (force willing only its will) seizes the world stage, because there is no longer any generally accepted value system to block its path”.
To be realistic, we will find out that Second World War has been one of such terminals, where the paradoxical nature of the West has been emerged. I am not sure how you may interpret the Gulf war, but I can find a paradox there; the paradox caught by the sixth sense of several western intellectuals– namely Noam Chomsky. The West celebrated its Gulf war victory with a sense of public distress, and such distress, for example in Los Angeles, caused an outright public protest.
The West has a paradoxical nature, it is the definite destiny of the way present civilization is following to face such terminal paradoxes. The Information explosion is one of these terminals, which will reveal the hidden paradox inside this present civilization. When the information barriers collapse, people will realize that this outwardly stable castle can be easily collapsed with a slight blow.

The West gained its power from the ignorance of people, but public knowledge which will result in revolutions, will suddenly appear as a flash of light, in the same way as the collapse of the Soviet Union, which showed itself to be coherent, and the West assumed it was a powerful enemy, but it was only after the collapse that the incoherent and corrupt nature of the Soviet Union was revealed.
Nowadays in the West, everything happens differently that things did in the 1930s. Everyone is concerned with the future, and that is indicative of public distress. They keep waiting for the moment this “castle of information,” which holds the basis of the West’s political existence, will collapse and the hidden side of its civilization is revealed. In order to destroy a wall that consists of brick rows built upon one another, it’s enough to pull-out the first brick. Civilizations get old and die, and new civilizations arise from their ruins. In the beginning, every civilization develops by an ultimate faith in its own power and when this belief is replaced by uncertainty, it means that the time for collapse has arrived.
But as far as we’re concerned, we should not be frightened. Borders would be effective only if a burglar lives outside the walls, but how you can trust a barrier, if the thief should come from above? Thus, we should forget about the idea that borders can keep us safe from the harm of satellites. We have to start «Building our cities on the slopes of Vesuvius». We have to have enough courage and bravery and face reality. The West has always had this strategy and pretended to be powerful despite its hidden weakness, and I believe we can protect themselves behind this illusion. Their strategy during the Gulf war was the same and thus were able to frighten those who had fallen into the delusion of strong barriers, but not those who could see the weak and unfortunate nature of this powerless warmonger beyond its acts and words.

What I mean to say is that satellites aren’t as terrible as everyone believe, with people everywhere frightened that the «Satellites are coming soon». This warning has horrified many people to the extent that they now believe that it will do away with with National Identity, Morality, Persian Language & etc… just like before when television first came to the market.

Satellites are the symbol of Global Integration, which was an expected result of modern civilization. The United States is also the symbol of public will, which was created by the modern generation and developed and expanded through the search for power and supremacy. «Supremacy» and «Guardianship» derive from one concept and the fact that some scholars have called the supremacy of the West in earth, the «Guardianship of Taghoot», it is because they were in fact looking for a phrase that can define new concepts in the domain of religious cognition; and what an appropriate phrase they have found!

The West, from the beginning, had no aim other than the establishment of a worldwide government, but as far as satellites go, there were those who were frightened by domination through satellites, and those who were waiting for these days, equating satellite domination with world domination: both are wrong.

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